About This Project

This project was developed as an advanced blog project.
it contains a lot more features than an average blog project by newbies. i took inspiration from medium, though it turned out differently.
i included some external packages but most of the funtionalities where developed in-house by me,
like the recommendation engine which i built to recommend posts based on people you follow,
the cartegories you are interested in and your browsing history. you can find all the details
in my github following the link


Features implemented using external packages

<<<<<<< HEAD

to know more, visit my github,

About Raymond

I am Raymond, An electrical/electronics technician and a chatbot developer(now, also a software developer) from Anambra State Nigeria.
I built this site as path of my development journey toward becoming a django developer and for the purpose of appplying for the internship offered by the django community.
Since you are here, i would love it if you go through the site, check things out and give me feedback on what i did and didn't do right.
You can reach me on the links below